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"Best Self Tanner EVER!", July 12, 2013

I was also skeptical about buying a self tanner, but after reading the reviews I gave it a shot. This stuff is FANTASTIC! I used it on a Friday night, after exfoliating with a mitt I bought at the drug store, and some exfoliating scrub stuff. Then, I watched a youtube video about how to apply self tanners. I did what they said (e.g., putting lotion on the bendy parts, and also on inner wrists, knees, ankles, etc. so there is no darker places there) and I applied Tantalize. No awful smell. Citrus smelling. Nice. Went to bed, woke up with a nice, even tan. Applied it one more time on Sunday evening. By Monday morning I looked like I had been at the beach for a week. Oh, and I used it on my face, blending it with a dab of my normal moisturizer so it wouldn't be too dark. Lovely. It's still looks so brown and natural a week later. Everyone at work asked how I got so tan over the weekend. I recommended this to all my friends. I love it!

S Horton,
Albuquerque NM,

"Best I've tried", July 12, 2013

This is the fifth product I've used at least once. I was afraid the lotion itself might be very dark, but it turned out to be the same color as my skin, which is just lightly tanned. It's super creamy and easy to apply with just my hands, and smells nice. The results are orange-free, streak-free and natural looking.

R Kull,
Glendale CA,

"Tan-ta-Lize is Better than the Top Shelf Brands!", July 2, 2013

I like to look like I have spent the time working on a healthy tan, but do not want the damage from the sun or the harsh chemicals from some self-tanners. I am on my second bottle of Tan-ta-lize for several reasons:

1. Works Great--- nice Deep Bronze / No orange or streaks
2. Healthy ingredients: Mostly natural and nourishing to my skin
3. Moisturizes and locks in the color LONGER than other TOP SHELF PRODUCTS
4. Costs LESS than TOP SHELF PRODUCTS that can be 3 x as much!
5. Smells devine....like you are at a tropical spa!

If you are in need of a self-tanner that really makes you look and feel great... DON'T EVEN THINK OF GOING OFF OF THIS PAGE... THIS IS IT. TRY IT. YOU WILL LOVE IT.

J Obrochta,
Sarasota FL,

"Great product for sensative skin!", June 14, 2013

I am always very hesitant to use any product on my sensative skin, but I used Tantalize and didn't break out at all! I looked like I spent a few days at the beach and was very pleased with the results! Now that I'm nearing 50 and starting to see my first tiny wrinkles around my eyes, it will be nice to look like I spend time in the sun without compromising my skin any further! Great product!!

Linda K,
Livonia MI,

"Great product!", May 23, 2013

I haven't used a sunless tanning product since they first came out because of the orange color and the streaking. A friend of mine convinced me that this product is different and IT IS!

I applied this lotion (with gloves because of my skepticism) and used very little. I LOVE that this product produces a tan level depending on how much you use. (NO STREAKING!) This gives me total control of the tan level/look that I'm looking for. If I apply more or more often- my tan is darker.It's nice to be able to apply this product a couple times throughout the day without having to sit still ,worry about stains, etc. Pretty simple and my skin was soooo soft after application!

Within minutes of application,(which is great if I'm in a hurry) it was dry and I was able to put my regular clothes on - all without STAINING! It also didn't stain my furniture when I sat on it.

I'm a bit older with cancer in my family history so being in the sun is out. This product allows me to look tanned without the health concerns and I LOVE IT!

Bottom line: NO ORANGE COLOR

Will use again.

St Petersburg

"Fantastic Product", May 29, 2013

I would recommend Tantalize as a sunless tanning solution. Tantalize is very smooth when applying, and moisturizes the skin. It has a light smell that is not overwhelming. The color washes off of your hands and does not stain clothing. The more you apply, the darker the tan. There is no orange coloring, so it resembles a natural tan. Exfoliate first and then apply evenly so the color is uniform. Great solution for a tan without the damaging sun rays!

Karen Green,
Northville MI


I was hesitant to try a self tanning product after several bad experiences, but decided to give this one a try. So glad I did! It's perfect! This goes on smoothly and dries quickly without any streaks or lasting odor. No staining on my clothes or hands. It provides a natural, even color and lasts much longer than I expected. The best part- after applying, my skin felt so smooth and hydrated! LOVE LOVE LOVE this product!

Kaitlyn Innes,
Lakewood Ranch FL

Featured Products

Everywhere People Are Raving About This New Self Tanner!

The Tan You Crave and The Hydrating Skin Care You Deserve

Introducing tan-ta-lize

  • Premium Natural Bronze Self Tanning System
  • No Orange, No Streaking, No bad odor!
  • Super Hydrating with a powerful cocktail of Anti Oxidants and Rich Emollients
  • Restores the youthfulness of your skin with Hydrolyzed Collagen, Shea Butter and Hyaluronic Acid
  • A Complete Sunless Tanning System that provides, enhances and indefinitely extends a natural beautiful looking tan.

The Awe Inspiring Beauty of A Tan

Tanner, Slimmer, Younger, More Beautiful...

There is no doubting that darker tanned skin makes you look and feel slimmer, younger and more beautiful. That natural bronze "sun- kissed glow" not only makes you look younger and sexier, but gives you a tremendous confidence boost. Beautiful tan skin can almost immediately turn back the clock and make you look and feel years younger. Natural bronze skin can:

  • Hide spider and varicose veins
  • Minimize the appearance of stretch marks and cellulite
  • Mask wrinkles and other skin flaws

There is no questioning why we all yearn for that beautiful sun-kissed glow

The Dangers of Sun and Tanning Bed UV Exposure

As great as tan skin makes look and feel, we know that sun and tanning bed UV exposure is NOT good for our skin or health. UV exposure causes premature aging, wrinkled skin, sagging and loose skin, and ugly age spots. The damage done by the sun and tanning beds is irreversible and has made skin cancer rates explode over the past few decades. UV exposure will make you age faster and can actually KILL you. According to documented research:

  • The sun is the primary source of excessive ultraviolet (UV) radiation, which is the cause of most skin cancers. Immediate adverse effects are sunburn and eye damage, longer effects include premature aging of the skin and skin cancer.
  • About 90% of nonmelanoma skin cancers are associated with exposure to ultraviolet (UV) radiation from the sun
  • Over the past three decades, more people have had skin cancer than all other cancers combined!
  • 1 person dies EVERY HOUR from skin cancer
  • More than 90% of the visible changes commonly attributed to skin aging are caused by the sun.

Tanning Beds are More Dangerous than the Sun!

  • The International Agency for Research on Cancer, an affiliate of the World Health Organization, includes UV tanning devices in its Group 1, a list of the most dangerous cancer-causing substances. Group 1 also incudes agents such as plutonium, cigarettes, and solar UV radiation.
  • Indoor tanners have a 69% increased risk of early-onset basal cell carcinoma.
  • Frequent tanners using new high-pressure sunlamps may receive as much as 12 TIMES the annual UVA dose compared to the dose they receive from sun exposure.

The Reality is... We All Want That Gorgeous Natural Looking Tan. But How Can We Get it Without the Dangers of UV Exposure From the Sun and Tanning Beds?

The Answer is Sunless Tanning...

With the demand for sunless self tanners sky rocketing, thousands of products have flooded the internet and stores with cheap, poorly formulated self tanners that leave streaky marks, give uneven coverage, stain your clothes, have a really strong "fake tan smell", and leave you an ugly orange color.

From the poorly formulated sprays to the streaky mess of mousse and gels, the market is saturated with cheaply formulated overpriced products.

Not happy with these products many people turned to spray tanning booths. But many men and women hated breathing in the harsh chemicals, and dislike the drying effect it has on your skin. Couple that with the time it takes and the high cost... Who needs it?

At tan-ta-lize we knew there had to be a better self tanning solution. So, we set out to formulate the best self tanning products available so technologically advanced and head & shoulders above any other product!

Finally a Natural and Realistic Looking Tan!

Introducing tan-ta-lize, a revolutionary complete sunless tanning and skin care system that took years of research and countless hours of testing to perfect. Tan-ta-lize sunless tanning products are manufactured in the USA at an FDA registered and Organic Certified facility.

By utilizing only the safest and purest ingredients combined with current technological innovations, our perfectly blended tan-ta-lize delivers beautiful results that sets it head and shoulders above its competition.

Our tan-ta-lize sunless tanning system is really a dual action skin care system that is perfectly formulated to provide a beautiful natural tan while delivering nourishing skin care loaded with a powerful cocktail of super hydrating rich emollients, antioxidants, firming, and anti-aging ingredients.

Our formulas are developed to work perfectly with all skin types, tones and complexions. It's safe and luxurious lotion is formulated to work gently on your face and gently on your body. Easy to blend, simple to apply and very forgiving. That's the tan-ta-lize guarantee.



Hyaluronic acid is often termed as the "key to the fountain of youth". To put it simply, hyaluronic acid is a natural substance that happens to be present generally in the dermis. This acid is of utmost important to our skin as it makes us look healthy and young. But with age and other external causes, the production rate of hyaluronic acid decreases. It is during this time that we face the need of externally applying hyaluronic acid. Skin Care products use hyaluronic acid in association with vitamin C because the latter helps in effective penetration of the former. Hyaluronic acid is often hailed to have the ability to reverse or sometimes completely stop ageing.


Hydrolyzed collagen is formulated in to tan-ta-lize to restore and rejuvenate the skin. Hydrolyzed collagen can help to reduce skin flaking and plump up the skin to make it appear smoother.


Coconut oil has a high moisture retaining capacity so it acts as an excellent moisturizer for your skin. It also acts as an emollient providing a softening and soothing effect, soothes itchiness and dryness. Coconut oil also contains two antioxidants: ferulic acid and p-coumaric acid to combat devastating free radicals in the skin.


Shea butter has a high content of essential fatty acids and natural antioxidant compounds that provide extreme moisturizing as well as cellular restoration to the skin.


We at tan-ta-lize use only the highest quality tanners available anywhere. Our tanners are hand blended in a registered FDA and USDA Certified Organic Facility.

Our premium quality tanners will provide you with the most beautiful natural looking tan that last longer than any other product available.


Honey extract is moisture balancing extract derived from honey and consists of minerals, amino acids and oligosaccharides. It makes the skin velvety soft and supple.


Perhaps the most important aspect of sunflower oil is its high vitamin E content. The health benefits of consuming vitamin E, or using it on the skin, have been studied for years and can be beneficial to your body in a variety of ways. Sunflower seed oil contains an extremely high amount of vitamin E. This vitamin is crucial in the prevention of damage to sensitive skin cells by ultraviolet light, or UVA, from the sun. Additionally, studies have shown that vitamin E may prevent scarring, smooth the appearance of existing wrinkles and generally improve the appearance and health of your skin.


Vitamin B5 penetrates into the lower skin layers and is easily absorbed by the skin cells. Its ability to be absorbed so deeply into the dermal layers of the skin gives it a starring role in moisturizers that promise deep essential moisture and a plumping effect that yields younger-looking skin. Its deep moisturizing ability also makes it deeply hydrating to reduce the appearance of wrinkles.

As You Can See tan-ta-lize Contains Only the best Skin Nourishing and Tanning Ingredients Available!

What We Don't Have is Any:

  • Parabens
  • Sulfates
  • Petrochemicals



"For years, a popular approach to getting a great tan went something like this: slather on some baby oil, then bake. Today of course, we know better. To get a safe tan, there's really just one choice- sunless tanning.


"UVA rays cause deeper skin damage and are linked to melanoma, therefore self tanning lotions or spray- on tans are the only safe way to achieve a tan look.


"This is the best tanning method because it is the only safe tan and the only way to tan that doesn't increase the risk of wrinkling, brown spots, and skin cancer."


"Quality bronzers and sunless tanners are safer and faster and can achieve results that are just as beautiful as the real deal."


"Don't want to expose your skin to the sun's damaging rays, but still want that sun-kissed glow? Consider trying sunless tanning products."


"Sunless tanning lotions and sprays contain dihydroxyacetone, or DHA, which interacts with the proteins in the skin to produce a tan that gradually fades. Recent technological advances have resulted in longer-lasting formulations and more realistic looking results, as opposed to the orange-ish hue of previous generations of self-tanners."


At tan-ta-lize, we take great pride in the premium quality of our products and are so confident that we have the best self tanning and skin care system available anywhere, but If for any reason you do not find that our product is right for you, just let us know and you can return it to us no questions asked. You have absolutely nothing to lose.

The Natural Beautiful Tan You Crave &

The Ultra Hydrating Skin Care You Deserve

  • The most natural sun kissed glow- Guaranteed
  • No Orange Ugliness or Steaking and hasslefree
  • Awesome light fresh Coconut scent
  • Advanced Anti-Aging Moisturizers, Antioxidants and Firming Formula
  • Be Beautifully Tan and Sexy 24/7

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